We are always looking for ways to make brushing more exciting and toothbrushing apps are a fantastic tool to keep the kids engaged and help them brush for 2 minutes. These apps have been tried and tested by Dental Paediatrix staff.

Mint flavoured toothpaste can leave a fresh clean feeling in our mouth after brushing. However, it is not uncommon to hear from some of our patients that they do not like to use toothpaste because it is too “spicy” or minty. This can lead them to be less enthusiastic about brushing their teeth. To make […]

When do I need to start brushing my baby’s teeth? Did you know that your baby’s oral hygiene routine should start even before they have teeth? It is recommended to clean the gums after feeding by wiping with a damp washcloth or gauze.  By cleaning your baby’s gums, you are establishing a routine and getting […]

Diet and teeth

What your kids eat and drink will have more of an impact on their teeth than you would expect. A healthy diet is not just important for their general health, but also for their oral health. Sugars Natural, organic or processed sugars are all the same to cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. All types of […]


Did you know fluoride can occur naturally in water supplies as it is the 13th most common element on Earth? Fluoride is known to strengthen teeth and prevent cavities.  How does fluoride work? Tooth decay happens when the outer layer of the teeth is weakened and destroyed by acid. The acid is produced from sugar […]

What is hypomineralisation?Hypomineralisation, or “chalky teeth” is a common dental condition where teeth have poor enamel quality which may lead to sensitivity, breakdown, and high risk of decay. Nearly 1 in 5 children have hypomineralisation and the condition varies from mild to severe.  What causes hypomineralisation?The cells that form enamel are very sensitive to disturbances […]

Fissure sealants

What are fissure sealants?Fissure sealants are a protective layer applied over the grooves of the teeth to prevent food from being lodged and to make cleaning easier.  It is commonly done on the molars, but sometimes the biting surface of premolars and the back of front teeth can have deep grooves which may benefit from […]

If you’re looking for a dentist in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs to look after your child’s teeth, you might be wondering whether your own dentist is best suited to also treat the younger members of your family, or whether a specialist might be a better choice. Somebody mentioned Paediatric Dentists to you, which may be why […]

Whenever possible, dental treatment is administered to children without the use of general anaesthesia. In certain instances, however, it is preferable, or necessary, to perform treatments using general anaesthetic. Put simply, general anaesthetic puts the child to sleep so that the Paediatric Dentist can safely perform the necessary procedure to the best of their ability […]

We’ve all heard of fluoride, but what exactly is it and how does it help our teeth? First things first: fluoride is a mineral derived from fluorine, a naturally occurring element. It is found not only in the earth itself, but in plants, water and in our bones and teeth.And how does it benefit teeth? […]