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We are always looking for ways to make brushing more exciting and toothbrushing apps are a fantastic tool to keep the kids engaged and help them brush for 2 minutes. These apps have been tried and tested by Dental Paediatrix staff.

brush monster 1

Brush Monster

Brush Monster app uses augmented reality technology with an animation of a toothbrush over the self-camera which guides the kids through brushing all the surfaces of their teeth. This interactive app is great at teaching kids how to clean their teeth thoroughly. While this app advises to rinse after brushing, we recommend the “spit and no rinse” technique to leave a small amount of fluoride behind to strengthen the enamel.


Colgate Magik

Colgate Magik app can be used with the Colgate Magik toothbrush or a regular manual toothbrush. The aim is to brush the monsters off for 2 minutes using the augmented reality function. There is also a reward chart which will encourage them to brush every day and develop a routine.

the wiggles

Wiggles Brush

The Wiggles app plays a catchy video with a song to brush along to and will make the 2 minutes more enjoyable. This may be better suited to younger children to watch while their parents are brushing their teeth.

Making brushing fun will help your child develop the skills to maintain their smiles and turn a boring routine into an exciting part of the day. While we do recommend using these apps as an aid, children should have an adult assist with brushing until the age of 8 or when they get their pen license.

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